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Lionheart(n): A courageous person who never gives up and never folds, someone who is brave and has resilience. This is an individual  who possesses the heart of a lion.

Welcome to LHRT, short for “Lionheart,”. We are excited that you have discovered us! Here at LHRT, we are bringing together football and fashion in support of humanitarian aid, social issues and injustices all over the world.

Read on to learn more about what we do, and how you can become part of our mission to bring awareness around the globe. By shopping with us, you are helping to support and advocate positive change where it is needed the most.

Where Football Meets Fashion and Awareness

Over the past few years, concept kits for football have become a global phenomenon. In the past, only big brands designed football kits, but now, indie designers are creating concept kit designs that people are going wild for.

Feedback and engagement between designers and fans have led to a never-before-seen revolution in football fashion, however, If you are looking for football kits that have an important story behind it, LHRT will soon offer a wide selection of bold new kits. By wearing these kits, you can support causes you believe in and highlight important issues that needs our attention.

Where Fans Can Unite

Football rivalry is natural, and is part of why people enjoy cheering for their favourite teams—but as football fans, we know that the beautiful game is a force that also unites. It brings together millions of fans from around the world who share a common passion for an amazing sport.

It also reminds us of everything else we share in common, and that all of us need to band together to combat racism, discrimination and a plethora of other social issues, injustices and humanitarian problems we face around the world.

LHRT gives you a chance to join us in bringing awareness to important movements by sporting a fashionable concept kit from a grassroots designer.

Just as concept kits have helped grassroots designers compete with bigger brands, LHRT separates themselves from the rest by assisting important movements to finally have their voices heard on key issues and to get the attention and support they need to bring positive change to the lives of the people they represent.       

Final Note

We hope you take pride in wearing our products and fashioning it in complete confidence knowing you are creating awareness and taking steps to help make a change, thank you in advance for assisting us in achieving our mission.

Together, we unite for football, for fashion, and for those that need to be heard. Together, we are Lionhearts.

– Saj Ali 

Founder & CEO 

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